I Don’t Want to Quit My Day Job

It’s my day off. My daughter’s store is closed Monday and Tuesday, but there is usually something that still needs to be done on those days. Yesterday I got up early to look for very short wood screws, to attach pieces of metal track to the bottoms of two drawers. I had only a couple of hours to get them working before the dresser they belonged to was to be delivered.

The day before, (Superbowl Sunday) I had managed to cut the lengths of metal from one long piece salvaged from some other piece of furniture; but the shortest wood screws I had were ½ inch, and they poked up through the drawer bottoms to the inside of the drawers. And the shortest ones they had at the hardware store were ⅜ inch, which still poked through, though not as much. I finally solved it by gluing a strip of thin square wooden dowel down the middle of the inside of the drawers, over the pointy screw tips. They looked fine, seemed likely to stay firmly in place, and–best of all–worked!

We’ve had a week of 80 degree temps here, followed by a 30 degree drop, into the 50’s. You could smell the moisture in the air last night as the low clouds moved over the mountains.

This morning it was overcast; but the sun came through intermittently. I did laundry, stayed in my PJ’s, and fell asleep vegging out at my computer. Sorry, Medium; your chronic low-level anxiety is more than I can maintain.

When I went out to smoke, it was both sunny and raining–and sure enough, there was a huge arc of a rainbow across the grey sky to the east.

I will not apologize for anything about Southern California, or the good mood it puts me in. The place is ridiculously beautiful.

The homeless? Shallow, pretentious self-promoters? Conspicuous consumers? Yes, yes, and yes. The place attracts a wide variety of people, and of course not all of them are wonderful to have around. But the place doesn’t create these characters, it merely attracts them. It’s a pretty hospitable climate: weather wise, commercially, and socially.

I will probably never be sufficiently disgruntled to have a huge following here. That’s fine; I really like my day job.



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Constance Hutcheson

Constance Hutcheson


Old lady who lives in California, refinishes furniture for Hutch Vintage in Los Angeles