I feel we are all in uncharted territory right now. The only thing I am sure of is that the Ukrainians deserve to keep their own country.

I think we should be willing to suffer some economic hardship if that’s what it takes to cut off Putin’s ability to control his own country, much less the safety of the rest of the world. And I think it will take years rather than months.

If we can get more effective weapons to the Ukrainians, they will hold on. The more destruction Putin inflicts on Ukraine, the less credible his stated intent for this war becomes. And the longer he tries to keep his own people in the dark about what’s happening, the harder it will become to sell this to his own people.

It just won’t happen quickly.

I don’t know what Putin will do. He is a crazy person. Crazy people are scary. They care nothing for other human beings.

But not everyone in Russia, or even in the Russian government and military is a crazy person. And ultimately he has to depend on people to carry out his crazy plans; he can threaten them and their families if they don’t obey. But sooner or later it becomes apparent that carrying out the orders is more of a threat than whatever the punishment might be for not carrying them out.

If we can all hold out until it reaches that point, he will be stopped. If we crack, we will have to endure this same thing over and over.



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Constance Hutcheson

Constance Hutcheson


Old lady who lives in California, refinishes furniture for Hutch Vintage in Los Angeles